[svlug] Officers

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 25 01:59:48 PST 2008

Edward Cherlin wrote:

> Let's get this aired out.

If you say so.  However, since you're making claims about me in public, 
I do request accuracy.

(I know you've more recently retroactively attempted to un-say what you 
posted earlier today, but that unfortunately has left some inaccurate
impressions on the membership, which you seem to want me to ignore, even
though they were at my personal expense.  In a word:  No.)

> Rick has made it fairly clear that he does not regard me and Lisa as 
> officers by Paul's appointment.

Wow, this sure makes me seem like I was somehow standing in your way.
However, I was not.  To set the record straight:

o  You requested me to do a rather _huge_ amount of writing work, 
   requesting that I post it here, and saying that you were making 
   that request as president.

o  I replied that I would happily comply, _but_ that I would gladly 
   do the same for any SVLUG member -- including Alvin and Bruce, the
   other (so far) declared candidates.

o  On the Volunteers list, I made my point a little clearer, in case
   it had somehow been lost.  I said:

      I'm just picturing Bruce, Alvin, or some other candidate 
      asking me why I unilaterally ignored their candidacies, and 
      realised I have no good answer.  If that seems highhanded 
      for any reason, imagine your and Bruce's situations to be 
      reversed, and reconsider.

I have to wonder:  _Did_ you imagine what it was like if Bruce had 
asked me to disregard your candidacy?  _Did_ you reconsider the ethical
dilemma you were trying to land me in?

So, to sum:

1.  I said "yes" to your request, even though it was going to chew up
    a sh**load of my time, and even though some of your questions were
    going to take a lot _additional_ time in prefactory explanation of
    why you're questions had some wrong questions about how (e.g.) 
    Mailman works that I'd have to clarify before answering the 
    question you probably _meant_ to ask.

2.  Despite my saying "yes", and saying I'd do the same for 
    _any SVLUG member_, and just was trying to behave fairly and 
    impartially towards all candidates including (in particular) 
    you, so that I could _not_ be fairly accused of trying to run 
    SVLUG.... despite all that, you tell the membership I was 
    somehow standing in your way.

I'm non-plussed.  Should I have told you "no"?  If neither "yes" nor
"no" was OK, should I have gone with "mu"?

Please elucidate, Ed.  I need help, here.

And, by the way, _thank you_, Alvin, for your response to Ed on this
point.  Exactly, sir.  I couldn't have put it better.

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