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On Jan 24, 2008 7:26 PM, pouria <p.mojabi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> Hope all is well with all of you guys.
> I don't mean to disrespect anyone but I thought this is a Linux
> discussion group. I am kind of new to this group but all I have received
> so far is this b.shit-non-relevant-sarcastic-filthy-language discussions.
> I have already grown allergic to some names, they talk a bout anything
> but Linux

It's mostly temporary. The issue of the Presidency has been resolved,
so you won't hear much about that going forward.

However, you should understand that a Linux User Group is an instance
of Geek Culture, epitomized by the title of Richard Feynman's book,
"What Do _You_ Care What Other People Think?" Most of us don't, much.
We do try to keep the arguments on topic, and not diverge into
personalities, but whenever someone crosses the line, some others will

The only advice I can give is Don't Feed the Trolls, and keep your
mail filters dry. And don't take it personally. The worst of the
insults come from people who have great difficulty believing that
other people's points of view really exist. It isn't about you, it's
about the common complaint that the Universe doesn't work the way *I*
want, so the Universe is wrong. Fortunately, we now believe that the
Universe really, really doesn't care.

> I thought I will add to Linux knowledge by joining this group and learn
> form the  experienced members of this group. I am sure there is whole
> lot of potential in this group but its all scam from top to bottom

There were some messages about tech during all that foofaraw.

> Sorry If I am too direct.

No problem there. Hey, you were polite about it. You were even correct
about much of it.

> Peace

"I think it is excellent. They should try it."--Attributed to Gandhi,
about either Western civilization, or about Christianity. Also said of
Free Markets.

> Pouria

Edward Cherlin
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