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John Conover conover at rahul.net
Thu Jan 24 19:39:44 PST 2008

Edward Cherlin writes:
> Let's get this aired out. Rick has made it fairly clear that he does
> not regard me and Lisa as officers by Paul's appointment. I don't want
> to be an officer solely by Paul's appointment. But I am the only
> declared candidate for President, to the best of my knowledge. People
> have even tried to vote for me on this list. :)
> What are the feelings of others? Should I act as acting/interim
> President until we can have a real election, or should we have no
> functioning officerdom until then?

The way such things are usually handled, (when no such process has
been defined that covers it,) is for the president to ask individuals
to submit their name, (perhaps via mailing list,) if they would be
interested in taking over the responsibilities; other members would be
personally CC:'ed on the return email so that nobody's name gets left
out-as documentation that the mail was responded to by the individual.

Although not formally necessary, the individuals can submit a
resume/vita/pro forma, etc., (concise-usually less than 500 words as a
maximum limit,) by a certain date/time. Those not submitting would be

These names are then submitted for a vote, (either by plurality, or
majority,) of the members, or a committee, (which could be all
members, or only volunteer members, etc., it does not have to be a
quorum,) and the new officers installed-usually, with title of Acting
President, etc., (so that the time served as "Acting" would not count
in term limits, if any.)

My own feeling is that the volunteers, (truth: I'm not one,) are
probably the best "committee," for such things since they have had the
most involvement in SVLUG, have given the most, and understand the
other member's buttons.



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