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On Jan 24, 2008 7:00 PM, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Let's get this aired out. Rick has made it fairly clear that he does
> not regard me and Lisa as officers by Paul's appointment. I don't want
> to be an officer solely by Paul's appointment. But I am the only
> declared candidate for President, to the best of my knowledge. People
> have even tried to vote for me on this list. :)

IMHO, Paul Reiber made the mistake (well-intentioned) of assuming that he
had powers that this group doesn't recognize.  I think that you really hit
it on the head, Ed, when you declared to run on the Peace and Herding Cats
platform.  No one is going to tell anyone in this group to do anything.  I
would recommend that you try to build consensus.  This group is not
governable.  It is too wild and opinionated.  This group is comprised of
very strong-willed, highly intelligent, highly educated people, and my
experience with those types, whether they be engineers or lawyers, is that
they want to be heard, they don't want to be talked down to, and yet if you
get out of their way, they will really get stuff done.

So I would just forget the title altogether, and let everything take its
course naturally.  Let's have an election.  Let's allow a lot of time for
debate about procedure, and candidates, etc.  Let's forget about titles.  If
you need a title, pick some sort of silly title, like Chief Cat Herder, and
then if anyone else challenges that title, they can create a title for

The fact of the matter is that this group is an email list and a group that
gets together to do highly technical talks on interesting subjects.  Rick
Moen has de facto authority due to his skills, and anyone who doesn't
recognize this won't get to far.  Same for Marc Merlin.  To name just two of

Sadly, I am just an unskilled end user who lives one hour from Silicon
Valley, and I just hang out here to learn stuff, and so I will shut up
now.     ;-)
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