[svlug] New administration

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 18:29:51 PST 2008

Darlene Wallach is restored to being a member in good standing,
without blocks of any kind on her access to our mailing lists.

Rick Moen agreed some time ago to administer SVLUG servers on
cooperation with other competent volunteer sysadmins under the
conditions of oversight but not interference by less-competent LUG
officers. I agreed. Make it so.

Rick, would you give us a report on

* Who is administering what?
* Who has offered to do what?
* The status of any offers of hardware that you know about. Paul has
not replied to my request for the names of possible donors that he
says he has.
* What undesired Reiber-era actions have so far been undone?
* What  undesired Reiber-era actions remain to be dealt with? Also,
please give your recommendations for the members to consider.

Paul has removed himself from active participation in the Officers
mailing list. Where else does he need to be removed from? Root access
to anything? Mailing list administration? Please do *not* make me a
list admin.

Paul remains a member, unless by his own action. I wish to put it to
the members whether Paul should be considered a member in good
standing, or whether he should be required to demonstrate the
sustained ability to be civil first.
Edward Cherlin
Speak software and carry a big cluestick. You will go far.

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