[svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Bill Bell billnspm at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 18:00:37 PST 2008

 Mr. Reiber, you have been told before that your email in my inbox is unwelcome. 
Posts of mine to the list can be replied to on the list, or not at all. My inbox, my rules.
And you can cease sending me your Friendster  invitations. I won't be joining that organization 
and all such  emails get reported as spam. 

> Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 17:05:00 -0800
> From: reiber at gmail.com
> To: billnspm at hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: [svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration
> On Jan 24, 2008 4:50 PM, Bill Bell <billnspm at hotmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > > Note, please, below. Paul is no longer President, by his own action. I
> > > am, and Lisa is VP. Thank you, Paul. There is business to be done, but
> > > I will start to discuss it in another thread.
> >
> >  I'm sorry Ed, but I do not accept this.
> Gee, Bill... let's see... how to word this...    ITS NOT UP TO YOU!
> Whether you accept it or not is, truely, in a most spectacular way, irrelevant.

 Gee Mr. Reiber, in a democracy, it IS UP TO ME.

> Ed is now the President of SVLUG.  Period.

 Umm, no, unless you have something written down that says otherwise. 
AFAIK, you do not have that power nor the power to give it to yourself.

 That is if you were still President, which your not.

> >  If you agree to the idea that Mr. Reiber can
> > appoint you and Lisa to office, then you have to agree that he he had the
> > power to appoint Walt
> Mr. Turkal's first name is Warren.  

 My apologies to Mr. Turkal for getting his name wrong.

> And, yes, for a time, he WAS my
> VP,
 No, and it's your attempting an end run around the membership that
has been part of your downfall.

>  after Mark W.
> That some of you dispute that is totally irrevant.  Warren resigned
> later due mostly to
> Rick's refusal to be a nice guy within SVLUG.

 Seems he had the intelligence to extract himself from an ugly situation 
that was not of his doing.

> [...]
> > I have seen nothing written down
> > anywhere that allows the President such power.
> To the contrary, I've seen nothing written anywhere that DISALLOWS the
> President such power.

 Since you're not permitted the power in writing, you don't have it.  

> I WIN.

 Only in your mind.

> > If there is I wish somebody would post it to the list so we all could be enlightened
> > to what the President  <and any other officers >  can or cannot do.
> Said document does not exist.  Anywhere.  Never did.  Hopefully, one will soon.

 Then officially, you had no power except to wear a shiny badge that says, 
" Hi, I'm Paul Reiber and I'm President of SVLUG. " and what the membership
was willing to let you get away with.

> > I thought there was a committee presently thrashing that out.
> Absolutely NOT.  A group of SVLUG members has been meeting, with no authority
> to do anything whatsoever.  

 OK, somebody is thrashing out just what is and is not the authority of the officers.

> I wish them well in their goal of changing
> SVLUG; if the
> current President or VP decides to enfranchise them, and give them
> authority, they
> may well have a chance of improving things.
> Given the particular individuals ON that committee, I could not in
> good conscience
> bring myself to give the group any authority.  Ed's perceptions may
> differ enough,
> and his ability to wrangle difficult volunteers who won't stick to
> their roles and want
> to stick their noses into everyone else's business may well exceed mine.
> So, there IS hope that this group will do something useful.  Maybe.
> >  Come the February 6th meeting you still will have my vote and if Alvin
> > decides not to run in deference to Lisa, she will get mine.
> There was a call for a "vote of no confidence" at the next meeting...
> which needn't be
> held, as I've appointed a successor already.  I'm unsure; was there subsequently
> a call (by someone ALLOWED to call for a vote!) for an election vote,
> for either office?!?

 Actually, there was a call for a vote, by Ed Cherlin, you don't and never did have the
authority to deny a call for a vote, since you say there are no such limits on the 
membership written down  anywhere. If there are, produce them.

> >  Since Mr. Reiber has resigned his office, I'm sure SVLUG will get along at
> > least as well as it ever did with nobody filling the vacancy for a couple of weeks.
> WOAH, Buddy!  I've not resigned; I've appointed a replacement for the
> office of President.

 If you haven't resigned, then why did you say you quit. 
And you still have no power to appoint anybody to President or Vice President.

> If you consider the office vacant, consider me still in it.  If you
> consider Ed in the office,
> consider me replaced, not resigned.

 Mostly I just consider you gone.

> Mr. Bell... seriously... don't tell people they can't do things unless
> you've got substantiating
> evidence to support your claim.  You've none, so you're out of line in
> your reasoning.

 Doctor, take your own medicine.

> Regards,
> -pbr


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