[svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

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> Subject: Re: [svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration
> Paul, your attitude is most unwelcome.
> Members: Can we find someplace for such flamage that the rest of us can ignore?
> Also, Karen, and others, Please Do Not Feed the Troll. Most of this
> post is not worth replying to.
> Note, please, below. Paul is no longer President, by his own action. I
> am, and Lisa is VP. Thank you, Paul. There is business to be done, but
> I will start to discuss it in another thread.

 I'm sorry Ed, but I do not accept this.  If you agree to the idea that Mr. Reiber can 
appoint you and Lisa to office, then you have to agree that he he had the power to appoint Walt
to the VP's office previously. That was previously disputed and I have seen nothing written down
anywhere that allows the President such power. If there is I wish somebody would post it to
the list so we all could be enlightened to what the President  <and any other officers > 
can or cannot do.  I thought there was a committee presently thrashing that out.

 Come the February 6th meeting you still will have my vote and if Alvin decides not to run in
deference to Lisa, she will get mine.

 Since Mr. Reiber has resigned his office, I'm sure SVLUG will get along at least as well as it
ever did with nobody filling the vacancy for a couple of weeks.



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