[svlug] Open mailing Lists?

Tom Pilot hman_120 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 15:51:31 PST 2008

Not needed. let the list admin figure out what they need to do and the list will respond accordingly. This whole idea of polling the list with debatable questions and asking ppl what should be the right thing to do - does not work. It just yields millions of emails that go to /dev/null

If the list admin knows what theyre doing (as far as spam,moderation, etc) - things will be good. If not, a new list admin will take over by default. Any "President (or as i now call them El Presidente -which means someone who likes the feeling of preceieved power to tell people what to do)" (since ppl here insist on having one) should focus on getting google back as a sponsor, and not focus on the lists. 
If not for nothing - i really liked Google's free snacks during the code walkthrus events, and money is something they do not lack

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Quoting Tom Pilot (hman_120 at yahoo.com):

> Dear Mr. El Presidente wanna be,
> Why do you need to know? you will not decide on these changes anyway
> and you will not direct anyone to do any changes.. so why waste
> peoples times with asking them to answer?

How about collective understanding?  Accountability to the membership?

If you've been around for a while, you might remember those.

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