[svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Tom Pilot hman_120 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 13:34:01 PST 2008

Edward -

are you yet another El-Presidente ??

This "group", svlug, is not much more than a mailing list at this point. So
really all it needs is a list admin to keep the servers up and running.
When the need comes for more formal appointees Im sure they will show up and wear the hat. What do you think you will do as president that you cannot do as just a volunteer??

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On Jan 24, 2008 6:50 AM, Karen Shaeffer <shaeffer at neuralscape.com>
> I remind Ed that I have offered to donate a very capable server to
> svlug, if we need more CPU cycles and I/O capabilities moving
> forward. While this server currently needs repaired, I am
> willing to give the server to Rick to assess what needs to
> be done to restore it. I am also willing to donate the money
> to fix the server, if Rick decides to take this offer.

I believe you're on. That is, I approve, subject to Rick's expert
 advice. Rick?

> Good luck Ed. I very much appreciate your willingness to step
> up and do the right thing.

You are very welcome. Wait, I already said that, didn't I? Well, it's
still true, you still are.

> Thanks,
> Karen
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>  Karen Shaeffer
>  Neuralscape, Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
>  shaeffer at neuralscape.com  http://www.neuralscape.com

Edward Cherlin
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