[svlug] installing linux dual boot on external hd

Chris Templeton cbtempleton at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 13:31:52 PST 2008

I have a laptop I use for work but would like to install linux as a dual
boot, hopefully by plugging in an external hd that it can read the linux
files from.  I only have 20gigs left on this laptop drive.  What s/w do I
need to dual boot so I can still access my work files.  I'm hoping to come
to the install fest on feb 16th, I'm finding a lot of jobs require linux
knowledge as well as mac and this will help with the linux part.  I do have
vmware with centos and a few other linux distributions but I feel its not
real world and don't get the speed and full functionaly of the o/s.

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