[svlug] Hippocracy of the "Governance Committee" and a Call to Action

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jan 24 02:16:13 PST 2008

Quoting Rachel Heller (scarletcleopatra at gmail.com):

> As background I participated in both the first and second meeting.
> Having had to leave the second meeting for transportation reasons
> before the meeting ended (apprx. 11:30pm), but not before the allotted
> time scheduled for the meeting had past (9pm). I left at approximately
> 10pm.

Hi, I also wasn't at the meeting last Thursday (Jan 17), but was at
The prior one (Th. Jan 10), where the attendees (again) decided to keep
doing them weekly.  I could be wrong, but wasn't this pretty strongly
implied from the first?

Nobody sent _me_ an e-mail reminder either, but I doubt it was any
intentional slight towards either of us.  It just wasn't something
anyone took charge of doing; they probably forgot that people who had
left before the end of the Jan 10 gathering would appreciate a mail.

Anyway, nobody claimed that the group had "authority"; my understanding
is that it aims to put an organisational proposal to the group, for it
to either adopt or not.

> This group is dying a slow and painful death.

Well, _less_ when Mailman qrunner isn't left dead for two weeks,
restarting only after the colo has a power outage, accidentally
rebooting our server.  ;->

(My personal view:  SVLUG doesn't _have_ an organisational problem,
but, it _could_ use a mechanism for politely removing otherwise
intractible people problems that, statistically, hit it once every 19
years.  Basically, I take the long view:  Because some "asshole"
sysadmin guy I know recently paid our domain fees for three years out,
no thanks to the president and domain owner, who both dropped the ball
on renewal and nearly lost the domain completely, there's no likely
damage that can't be later swept away after the dust settles.)

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