[svlug] new candidates - Re: Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Wed Jan 23 20:05:35 PST 2008

hi ya ed

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> Edward, my friend, I truly believe that assisting you to undertake the
> leadership of the SVLUG organization is doing you a considerable
> disservice... but if you remain insistent, by all means, I'll hand
> over the reigns to you.

good ... "lets make it so"

i assume the Feb 6 wed meeting is where all this will be decided

i will run with or against ed ... for pres .. or gopher or "puppet"

	- i'll run, just to end this non-sense and fix the problems
	within a couple months

### anybody else that wants to take the rein of svlug should
### take this opportunity that paul has opened up and run with it

my changes will be with other's help or i'll do it myself :

a) build a new svlug server from scratch ( 1-3 days alloted time )
	- there will be at least 3 svlug servers
	- most everybody can build a server in 15 minutes
	- some can "harden a server" in a day or two 
	- we will shoot for 24x7x365 minus a few hours of coverage

	- people that want to learn will be encouraged to work
	on the servers .. even if they are brand new at it
	you'd obviously be playing with "sandbox servers" in 
	that case

b) reclaim svlug.* with domainmaster at svlug.* 
   and distribute to anybody interested of registrar related emails
	( my pet pieve that community voted desires are NOT fulfilled )

	- this might be problematic .. but will be resolved

c) create a silly "policy" to prevent individual making decisions
   for svlug as a group
	- aka .. speed up the governance meeting process
	and get some results out of it asap

d) create "politics" mailing list

   update the mailing list policy to bounce off-topic posts
   and point those posts to other mailing list if needed
	- i'm assuming rick will want to help on this

after those things are done ... i'm off of my "official todo" list
and than the volunteers should be able to do what is needed without
worrying about their work/efforts being undone by 1 person or 2 or 3
	- if on the other hand, 60% votes the other way,
	that would imply some rethinking or give it up and move on...


### people that are NOT able to vote in person can and should send emails
### of their votes to  volunteers at svlug.org since there is NO other mailing addy
### that is working for the purpose of voting at this point

i'd write up a cgi-script if needed but since i'd run for "office",
it'd be a conflict of interest

> Unless, that is, some self-appointed officer-monitor person or other
> decides to interject their own particular nonsense onto the equation,
> at which point you'll have to deal with that, since I have no
> intention of even attempting to do so.
i'll stick my head up to take pot shots and end this 

c ya

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