[svlug] Oh! BTW... (svlug vs. svglug)

Thomas G. Digby bubbles at well.com
Wed Jan 23 18:27:37 PST 2008

From: Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org>

Subject: Re: [svlug] Oh!  BTW... (svlug vs. svglug)

>> anticipation of this possibility, I have procured svglug.org, 
>> svglug.com, and svglug.net, since they were all available.

> Good move.  At least one of the registrars has been
> grabbing domains that users search for and don't
> immediately buy, assuming that enough of them will
> turn into sales to make it worthwhile.

The mischief-making side of me kind of wants to write a script that does
domain-name searches on random strings to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio
for those who grab searched-for domains in hopes of reselling them at a
profit.  Would that discourage the practice?

Just a thought.  

                       -- Tom Digby
                       bubbles at well.com

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