[svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 16:19:41 PST 2008

On Jan 23, 2008 3:03 PM, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> That does it.
> Paul, I am now running for President.
> This farrago of gratuitous insults is shameful.

Ed... you want to be both President and VP?  VERY Cool!

Shall I simply appoint you to both positions concurrently?  Other than
Mr. Turkal, who was driven away from SVLUG, you're the only competent
candidate for either position who's stuck their head up out of their

You're quite welcome to take over the asylum... and yes, I'm gonna
have to go look up farrago someday.

> You owe Marc an apology.

Many in SVLUG owe others apologies.  I'll get in line behind them.
When I'm satisfied with the apologies I've received from those who owe
them to ME, I'll start worrying about apologizing to others.

Mark contributed... Wow!!! over a grand worth of equipment!  That
means we owe him a debt of gratitude, right?
Hrm... MAYBE... but consider some facts - as a consultant, many of us
get paid nearly or over a grand a day... so, given that, if/when we
spend a single day helping SVLUG, we deserve that same debt of
gratitude.  Multiply that a hundred times over and you've got the
contribution I've put into SVLUG over the past year; it's been no

> [SVLUG mailinglist was...] closed down by your failure to respond to one of our sysadmins.
Failure to respond to/accept his totally inappropriate ultimatum, yes.
 Failure to communicate with him, no.

> > SVLUG's lists have been down... Big deal!
> Very big. One of the biggest complaints people have about your administration.

Then, by all means, my competent friend... endeavor to provide SVLUG
with other list admins besides Mr. Moen!  He clearly needs better help
than I've been able to provide him.  Ensure going forward that
mailinglist management is never left in the hands of only one or two
individuals, lest they quarrel and fail to coordinate.  That'll do the
trick nicely.

> How much do we pay you to insult us, Paul? So much free service! It's amazing!

Yes, TANSTAFFL.  Anyone who had the idea they'd be coddled within
SVLUG woke up years before I came on the scene.  The problem behaviour
was here long before I was; I'm simply the first President who's been
unwilling to swallow said.

Additionally, Ed, If you thought I was a pushover for implementing
your personal agenda within SVLUG, you're likewise mistaken.  While I
like much of your platform, I don't see how SVLUG's charters align in
_any_ reasonable way with helping children in Kenya sell
coffee-bean-pillows or whatever, over the internet.   While some of
what you tout is sensible, some of what you tout is nonsense.  In that
regard, Ed, you're as human and fault-filled as any of the rest of us.
 If you do take SVLUG's helm, that'll quickly become evident; that
said I do truly wish you the best of luck in the endeavor.

> "Captain, I'd be mighty obliged if you wasn't quite so nice to me."--Cool Hand Luke

"Go blow up your own liferaft, damned it!"  --The captain of the Titanic

> Oblivious. Totally oblivious.

Thanks!  This from the only SVLUGger who's ever repeatedly sent me
private emails COMMANDING me to do things one way or the other within
SVLUG... and who's had the audacity to couch those commands as "good
advice".  You've been likewise oblivious to the negative effects of
your words on me and others.

> > [...] failure of existing volunteers to work with each other, and it got worse while I was on vacation in
> > Brazil.  As I expected.
> But you did nothing about it. It's your fault.

YES - sure, ultimately, I accept 100% that the server's downtime
is/was my fault.  I've said that before.  Are you simply interested in
reiterating that, or do you have some other point you're trying to
make here?

> You'll see your vote in February.

Its _not_ my vote, Ed. I'm not calling for it, I'm not coordinating
it, I'm not even interested in it.  We'll have found a suitable
replacement for myself, and a suitable VP candidate, well before then.

The SVLUG populace has proven it really doesn't CARE about these sorts
of things... or they would have held the VP election in December as
was planned.  Nothing stopped anyone from doing that other than a lack
of gumption.

So, then.... whose vote is it?

The responsibility for the next (any, actually!) vote that SVLUG takes
rests upon the shoulders of whomever actually does the real-world work
of setting up, verifying, and implementing whatever monitors,
cross-checks, and such need to be implemented to keep all the
dont-do-just-give-advice type "contributors" happy.  SVLUG's a
do-ocracy, not a democracy; one can't simply vote to take a vote; one
must implement a voting solution that the populace is happy with.

If things go as they have recently, no-one will even have the proper
gumption to withstand that barrage and do a satisfactory job of even
setting that vote up. [[Especially since the individual who years ago
authored SVLUG's best standing implementation of a voting solution
remains to this day persona-non-grata in the minds of many members!]]

If things go as they have in recent years, some number of
only-semi-clued-in individuals at some main meeting will simply raise
their hands or not raise their hands, when asked to do so, to vote on
whatever measures are brought forth... and the odds are that NONE of
them will even contemplate the motives of the persons calling for
those votes as they instead focus on whatever the vote's subject is.

Well... enjoy all of that, Ed... I've had enough of the B.S. ...
you're welcome to the entire pile.

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