[svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 15:03:14 PST 2008

That does it. Paul, I am now running for President. This farrago of
gratuitous insults is shameful. You owe Marc an apology. And a lot of
other people, besides.

On Jan 22, 2008 4:08 PM, Paul Reiber <reiber at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings, Marc!
> First, please don't have a cow. I don't know where you got the idea
> that SVLUG's lists have been "closed down" - by me - that's simply
> untrue.

Closed down by your failure to respond to one of our sysadmins.

> It's possible some volunteer did change something, so read
> on, and please, by all means, send me a side-email with the email
> address you used and which list you couldn't post on, and I'll assess
> why that happened to you.
> > Ok, I first sent this to private lists not to stir things up in public,
> SVLUG's lists have been down... Big deal!

Very big. One of the biggest complaints people have about your administration.

> > I'm just very saddened by the current state of SVLUG.
> > Mail's been down and spooling for about 2 weeks now, and nothing was done.
> How much are you and others PAYING to get this mail service to work
> for you 24/7?
> ZERO.  So, you get to wait 'till I/we get things working if/when they
> break.  So be it;
> quit complaining unless you're a paying customer of SVLUG.

How much do we pay you to insult us, Paul? So much free service! It's amazing!

"Captain, I'd be mighty obliged if you wasn't quite so nice to
me."--Cool Hand Luke

> > Some people seemed to have known but had no access, or no willingness to fix
> > one more thing that someone else keeps breaking.
> If those volunteers would have worked hand-in-hand with the
> access-granted/authorized
> volunteers (who are, in fact, totally willing to work with them!)
> there would have been no problems.

Oblivious. Totally oblivious.

> Note that I'm nowhere in the above equation; this is a failure of
> existing volunteers
> to work with each other, and it got worse while I was on vacation in
> Brazil.  As I expected.

But you did nothing about it. It's your fault.

> By the way... when my VP resigned for personal reasons, and I tried to
> appoint another one, I was told (by people with ZERO authority to tell
> anyone anything about SVLUG) that I couldn't do that; that I had to
> wait until the group could elect another VP.  Well... That's a
> crock... I've waited; two general meetings have come and gone, sans
> vote!!!

You'll see your vote in February.


Edward Cherlin
End Poverty at a Profit by teaching children business
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."--Alan Kay

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