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Darlene as I've asked others, please don't just solve half the problem here; that does a disservice to the group.

Please identify at least one qualified individual who is willing to take the helm of SVLUG, and I'll take things from there.

(yourself?  You sure seem to believe you're qualified to comment, qualified to interrupt me any time you see fit, and qualified to act as a judge as to whether I'm doing the right or the wrong things... Do you similarly feel that you are you qualified to lead?) 

Whether I proceed by appointing that person as my successor, or let you waste all of SVLUGs time on yet another pointless voting debacle really and truly should be MY prerogative.

Good day and best of luck in all future endeavors.

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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 08:11:45 
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Subject: Re: [svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Marc MERLIN wrote:
> Ok, I first sent this to private lists not to stir things up in public, 
> but my posts are being rejected (sometimes silently) on most if not all
> those lists.
> When is the day where things got so bad at svlug that people get prevented
> from posting to svlug lists, have posts silently discarded, and the
> president tries to make new lists with reply-to munging turned on?
> I'm just very saddened by the current state of SVLUG. Volunteers don't seem
> to be able to willing with the president anymore, VP and volunteers quit,
> and the svlug machine which I built years ago, and worked fine for years,
> seems to have mis-admined into a state where simple things like mail and web
> can't even work reliably anymore (and it's not a hardware issue, several of
> the problems I've seen came from breaking a system that was working fine
> prior to that)
> Mail's been down and spooling for about 2 weeks now, and nothing was done.
> Some people seemed to have known but had no access, or no willingness to fix
> one more thing that someone else keeps breaking.
> (I'm not going to give names because I don't want to debate who said what
> and who did what, I'm just noting the current state of affairs).
> Web was down for a portion yesterday, and the list goes on (I'm sure some
> can give a much longer and detailed list)
> I think some people have been patient, have tried to work or help until they
> got fed up or turned away by the problems, and the end result is that the
> svlug server has been mis-managed to a point that Paul is now saying svlug
> should just move to google groups.
> WTF? For those who don't know me, I've been officer, VP, and president of
> svlug for 7 years in the past, and I work at google, but hearing that
> svlug's current leadership cannot even run a web site and a mailing list
> reliably (which BTW were working fine before they were tinkered with), and
> wants to offload this to managed hosting, is just pathetic.
> While I have given enough of my time in the past, I have no desire to
> re-run, but I'd like to call a vote of no confidence in the hope that there
> are at least a couple of (ex-)volunteers who are willing to become the new
> leadership, and have the means to run a linux machine and do whatever else
> is necessary to run at least the bare minimums to allow this group to run
> (back in the days, we've run it with as little one linux admin, one web
> person, and one person to find speakers. More is better, but 3 is enough)

I concur with Marc, I'd like to call a vote of no confidence.
However, at this point in time, I suggest SVLUG operate without
"officers" (president, vice-president), and run with the current
volunteers, who had been doing all the work - admin, web, speaker
coordinator. Perhaps SVLUG can operate without officers. If
we, the membership, see a need for officers - president and
vice-president, and there are members interested in running
for office, we could have an election some months down the

In the best interest of SVLUG, I formally call on Paul Reiber
to step aside. Key volunteers are deliberately not supporting
Paul Reiber's administration.

> I'm also very concerned that the current state of affairs is putting strain 
> on the good will that Joe at via.net is giving svlug by offering free
> hosting (see mail below).

I'm not only concerned with SVLUG's relationship with
via.net, I'm also concerned with SVLUG's relationship
with Google, Linode, and some of the speakers at SVLUG general

  - Google has been very generous hosting SVLUG's installfests
    and more recently the kernel code walk-through meetings.
    Google has gone above and beyond in their hospitality.

  - From my perspective, some of the speakers at SVLUG general
    meetings have been put on the spot while they were speaking
    with requests for their services and/or products for free.
    I have been embarrassed by Paul Reiber, as SVLUG president,
    interacting with the speaker this way. I assert that those
    requests are inappropriate. SVLUG does not invite speakers
    so as to get freebies from their company. SVLUG invites
    speakers for the technical interest.

> If people think that things are good enough the way they are, or no
> one is wiling/able to volunteer their time to take over the current
> responsibilities (which I'd understand), then good luck to all.
> Marc
> Below is the last mail/problem that tipped it over for me.
> (mail that got rejected, silently on at least one of those lists)
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> To: Paul Reiber <reiber at gmail.com>
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> 	Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 12:43:25PM -0800, Paul Reiber wrote:
>> I restarted things.  All seems to be working again; please use
>> SVLUG's google group -  http://groups.google.com/group/sv_lug
>> to communicate about server failures/problems going forward.
> If I may, things had been broken, unmonitored, and unacted upon, and fixed
> themselves when the daemons restarted due to the forced reboot at via.net
> due to the power outage that happened there this morning.
> The problem is not another mailing list, but an apparently unadmined, half
> broken system. Whatever admin work has been done, by whoever did it, has
> been damaging to it. Things that just worked for many years are now
> suddenly not working anymore, like web services, or mail.
> This is very worrisome.
> Also, if I may, please don't call Joe at via.net to say that svlug is down
> when it's fully up, pingable, ssh'able, but its web server isn't answering.
> Joe is doing everyone a huge favour by hosting svlug for free, but we should
> not waste his time.
> Marc
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