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Wed Jan 23 04:23:00 PST 2008

Hiya, Alvin old pal!

I'm back from Brazil!  While it's great to be back here in Silly
valley, and while I actually missed most of the crazy band of loonies
we all call SVLUG, being away gave me a better perspective; with my
current mindset, it's surprisingly easy for me to internally translate
your somewhat bitter and spiteful words into a nice polite "Welcome
Back, Paul!  Hope you had a great trip!  So, what's planned for 2008
for SVLUG?"

Well... glad you asked, Alvin!

First, a recap of 2007... for me, learning experience after learning
experience, in quick succession; I was thrown into the deep end, I've
had to deal with a non trivial quantity of downright peculiar and
often quite ornery individuals, who are often making ridiculous
demands of SVLUG, me, and the other volunteers.  On the flip side, I
put someone in their place, so to speak, and later paid a tremendous
price for doing that.

Beyond that, I've had to deal with everything from volunteers who
refuse to follow direction, just because they disagree with my through
people treating Google like a supermarket with no checkout lane,

In short, I learned a LOT about what to do and what not to do, and I
learned a LOT about each and every active volunteer's missions, their
motives, their manners, and their peccadilloes, even.   I now know
pretty much who I can count on, and who I can't count on, and for
what.  I know who's a foxhole buddy and who's not.

So, that's got me quite well prepared to lead SVLUG in 2008.  On to
new business.

In Nov/Dec 07, Andrew Fife, of Untangle, graciously offered to provide
SVLUG with a substantially capable managed hosting solution including
ready-to-roll virtual hosts and such for our use, enjoyment, and

Quite a generous offer, really... and one I've been contemplating for
some time in terms of its ramifications.  There's the Linode question
- an existing sponsor in a similar space to Untangle.  If SVLUG were a
traditional business I'd have to consider the potentially negative
consequences of dual coop-etition, but SVLUG's a LUG so hopefully that
won't be a problem for anyone involved.

Another ramification is that there are a small handful of catches
involved, the most significant being that Untangle wishes, reasonably,
to ensure that if they invest in SVLUG, we will actually do something
USEFUL with the capability/hosting they're offering.

I'll be honest; until quite recently, I was pretty sure we wouldn't
put the capability to very good use.  HOWEVER... with my current
razor-sharp, crystal-clear focus on SVLUG's mission of education, now
I know that indeed, SVLUG can and will put those machines to
extraordinarily good and constructive use.

That said, I've decided SVLUG will take them up on their generous
offer at some point in the near future.  With that in mind, I'm
setting up separate mailinglists for various SIGS within SVLUG so the
message channels can get better signal-to-noise ratios (and I know how
much you all love that!!!)

I'll be building small teams to roll out some very cool hosted sites
(TWikis, moins, Joomlas, MUDs, collaboration experiments,
Distro-Depots... and whatever else we decide!)   I welcome everyone in
SVLUG who's willing to be a constructive team member to join these
SIGs.  I hope these SIGs will become RTFM-free zones, where people can
feel free to post stupid questions sans fear of being dressed down for
even trying to do or understand something.  While the general SVLUG
lists will probably not reach this bar, I'll be working to hold the
SIG lists to that standard and other standards of polite interaction
as well.

The SIGS will most probably include the following.

-> a Virtualization SIG, focused on exploring, testing, and deploying
virtualization solutions.  I'll be contributing here.

-> a Moinmoin SIG - we need a number of SVLUGgers to be proficient
with moin if we're going to use one.  Heather will undoubtedly love
this SIG.

-> a TWiki SIG - Peter Thoeny's group remains intersested in
cooperatively building TWikis with SVLUGgers; this will be their
mouthpiece and their interface to SVLUG.

-> a Digital Photography SIG focused on GIMP and other Linux photo manip tools

-> a LEGO Mindstorms SIG focused on building some truly 21st century
plastic robots

-> an OLPC SIG focused on exploring and programming the
http://laptop.org machines

-> ...probably a few more...

For better or worse, there's also the Carpool list on SVLUG now; that
one's already been created, as a test case in response to Christian
E's request of some time ago.


For 2008 expect renewed (unbounded, even!) energy in support of an
educational focus - demos/training/advocacy/outreach/whatever... it
all comes down to educational initiatives.  Currently successful
initiatives such as the kernel walkthrus and exploratory development
efforts, installfests, main meetings, and occasional fieldtrip
meetings, will continue.  Small group workshops on subjects including
Linux, UNIX, Virtualization, and even esoteric and fun stuff, like
TiddlyWiki and LEGO Mindstorm monsters and Bluetooh-berries will be
held upon demand, based on people's desires.

Finally, addressing your call for a vote - if people really feel the
need to vote about something, I'd prefer they vote on constructive and
 more important things such as identifying any SIGs I might have
missed, any projects they'd like to see implemented (and will
contribute to!) any particular Linux-based web-apps they'd personally
like to help host, manage, and explore, and any other ways they might
like to help SVLUG fulfil its educational mission.

SVLUGgers, we need to get on the same page about what we're going to
make of ourselves; I'm tired of the petty issues, and I intend to stay
intensely focused on educational initiatives.  I hope you'll join with

Remember...  SVLUG is a do-ocracy; those who do, will have done.

Happy 2008!
-Paul http://Reiber.org

On Jan 23, 2008 2:41 AM, Alvin Oga <alvin at mail.linux-consulting.com> wrote:
> hi ya all
> > Alvin Oga wrote:
> >
> > unless there's any objections ...
> while we're at it ... and given that some folks say there
> is NO rules, regs, or policy or any other "governing doc":
> i think it'd be an interesting additional issue
> to see how many impromptu votes show up for keeping
> paul as pres vs any votes for impeaching him ....
> and more importantly would anything result from it ...
> or votes to even wipe out "officers" and let the loose
> group of volunteers continue to do its magic
> voting ballot should be submitted and received by
> 6pm for online web and email votes whose results
> is not to be announced/discussed prior to the
> meeting ...  can a helpful volunteer create a voting
> alias:
>         vote at svlug.org ... to resend that incoming
>         alias to say at least 3 people for tallying
> voting in person to be done on by Feb 6
> say 7:30pm before the speaker starts
> ------------
> svlug can still exist and operate
> without "officers"  as there is no "official responsibility,
> expectation or duties" that binds svlug or the outside world
> or vice versa other than common sense, common courtesy
> and common expectation as representative of the svlug community
> other view is that there is tons of legal issues that
> binds svlug with its co-sponsors and other participants
>         - classic example being what happens when a visitor
>         slips and falls and break a leg
> c ya
> alvin
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