[svlug] VP election - pres too

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Wed Jan 23 02:41:18 PST 2008

hi ya all

> Alvin Oga wrote:
> unless there's any objections ...
while we're at it ... and given that some folks say there
is NO rules, regs, or policy or any other "governing doc":

i think it'd be an interesting additional issue
to see how many impromptu votes show up for keeping
paul as pres vs any votes for impeaching him ....
and more importantly would anything result from it ...

or votes to even wipe out "officers" and let the loose
group of volunteers continue to do its magic 

voting ballot should be submitted and received by
6pm for online web and email votes whose results
is not to be announced/discussed prior to the 
meeting ...  can a helpful volunteer create a voting

	vote at svlug.org ... to resend that incoming
	alias to say at least 3 people for tallying

voting in person to be done on by Feb 6
say 7:30pm before the speaker starts


svlug can still exist and operate
without "officers"  as there is no "official responsibility,
expectation or duties" that binds svlug or the outside world
or vice versa other than common sense, common courtesy
and common expectation as representative of the svlug community

other view is that there is tons of legal issues that
binds svlug with its co-sponsors and other participants
	- classic example being what happens when a visitor
	slips and falls and break a leg

c ya

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