[svlug] Cooperation (was Re: SVLUG politics SIG?)

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Wed Jan 23 02:22:23 PST 2008

hi ya ed

> Edward Cherlin wrote:
> Not at all. They're fine with each other. They can't work with *you*, Paul.
that seems obvious to just about everybody whom had volunteered
over the years/decades..

> > Something or other about how one of them's part of SBAY means
> > we don't trust her...
big difference between trust, expectations, performance, duties
changing hats, etc

> This turns out not to be the case. Heather is quite helpful and
> reliable when she knows what she is being asked to do, and mostly gets
> on with us except when we start screaming at each other. Or her.

see the "email contacts" for svlug.org and svlug.net, svlug.com
and there'd be a major or minor problem depending on which
side of the fence one voted on ... about who owns and gets
email about svlug.org adminstrivia emails from the registrars

this was a problem and continues to be a problem
that seems to skip and ignore the community vote
( decisions being made by individuals to prevent implementation 
  of svlug.* to be owned by svlug, the community )
	- it's trivially fixed in say 5 minutes

c ya

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