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On Jan 22, 2008 10:47 PM, John Mark Walker <johnmark at johnmark.org> wrote:
> Excerpts from Paul Reiber's message of Tue Jan 22 18:23:43 -0800 2008:
> >
> > Something or other about how one of them's part of SBAY means
> > we don't trust her... and something else about how one of them
> > is only willing to help if others work the way he wants... you know,
> > the usual.
> Paul, as an outside observer, I think it's pretty clear that there is
> exactly one way forward out of this mess that leaves SVLUG intact and
> keeps those who care about it happy - and that would be for you to step
> aside.

A significant number of the most active members agree, and have said
similar things in public. I was hoping to work things out without it
coming to this, but people are telling me that it's too late.

> At this point, it really does boil down to whether you put
> yourself above the group. I mean, really, let's have an election and
> get it over with. Folks are growing tired of the bitching and moaning,
> and it would easily be resolved by your doing the right thing. There is
> only one time where an appointed leader tosses out passive-aggressive
> hand grenades to settle scores - when said individual has lost their
> support and is on their way out. So for God's sake, just get it over
> with already.
> I just remember the way DiBona ran things. He wasn't afraid of going
> head-to-head with anyone here, and yet he commanded the respect of
> everyone.
> -JM
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