[svlug] svlug politics

Clyde Jones slash5toaster at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 22:53:02 PST 2008

 I know I haven't contributed to discussion much, but  the inane rants
about politics and geek intrigue soured any real desire to
participate.  I had been just consigning the list messages to the bit
bucket but this last bit has gotten me over the energy barrier and I
am un-subscribing.
  I moved here from the east coast and was an active participant in
the local lug there; the biggest controversy there was when a local
porn webmistress showed up at a meeting wanting advice for moving to
 Maybe the stake are higher here where so many innovative companies
were created, but there is no feeling of camaraderie or at least not
one I get through the mailing lists.

Just thought I would throw another match on the bonfire

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