[svlug] SVLUG politics SIG?

John Mark Walker johnmark at johnmark.org
Tue Jan 22 22:47:08 PST 2008

Excerpts from Paul Reiber's message of Tue Jan 22 18:23:43 -0800 2008:

> Something or other about how one of them's part of SBAY means
> we don't trust her... and something else about how one of them
> is only willing to help if others work the way he wants... you know,
> the usual.

Paul, as an outside observer, I think it's pretty clear that there is
exactly one way forward out of this mess that leaves SVLUG intact and
keeps those who care about it happy - and that would be for you to step
aside. At this point, it really does boil down to whether you put
yourself above the group. I mean, really, let's have an election and
get it over with. Folks are growing tired of the bitching and moaning,
and it would easily be resolved by your doing the right thing. There is
only one time where an appointed leader tosses out passive-aggressive
hand grenades to settle scores - when said individual has lost their
support and is on their way out. So for God's sake, just get it over
with already.

I just remember the way DiBona ran things. He wasn't afraid of going 
head-to-head with anyone here, and yet he commanded the respect of 


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