[svlug] SVLUG politics SIG?

Lisa svlug at flygirl.com
Tue Jan 22 19:25:46 PST 2008

*sigh*  Wow!  This didn't take long to get started again, did it?  By 
"this," I mean the various accusations, name calling, etc, etc....  
Anyhow, on to point.

Despite the fact that I, along with many others, despise these "flame 
wars" on the svlug mailing list, I, as usual, feel a need to exercise 
"self-defense" when I consider myself to be part of a group that has 
been maligned.

Paul Reiber wrote:

 > Re: the downtime - we dropped the ball - no doubt about it. The
 > volunteer team's not very well coordinated right now; they don't
 > seem to be able to work together very well.

As someone who considers herself part of this group, I strongly disagree 
with that supposition.  In the many years that I have, on and off, 
participated in SVLUG, I have found that most of the volunteers work 
quite well together.  As far as I know, to name a few, Mark, Rick, 
Daniel and myself have been working quite well in recent past in various 
capacities on items that we agree should be done (and getting agreement 
among us is not very difficult).

Personally, I am more of a web person than a mailing-list person, so I 
did not consider myself first-person-of-choice to fix email problems.  
One other, whom I would have contacted first, had their privileges 
removed from the server and, therefore, could not, without changes by 
someone else, fix the system --- yes, I, for one, agreed to allow *that* 
action to show the short-sightedness of its instigator.

I *might* have decided to try to figure out how to fix the mailing list 
software but, given that it's not my primary function, that I had a few 
disasters at work that I had to fix, and given the *reason* why I would 
have to do so (the above mentioned removal of privileges), I didn't put 
myself out to do so.

 > Something or other about how one of them's part of SBAY means
 > we don't trust her... and something else about how one of them
 > is only willing to help if others work the way he wants... you know,
 > the usual.

Addressing the first part of this, the "SBAY member", I don't have any 
sense than any of the above mentioned people has any lack of trust in 
that individual.  In fact, we have solicited said person's opinion and 
information on more than one occasion in the last week or so.

As for the second half, I believe that most of the active volunteers 
agree with that persons "conditions" --- although I don't think it fair 
to even call them *that* (yes, I chose the word) --- more like his, 
IMHO, reasonable requests for a way to keep things organized.  As Mark 
said, it's a real nightmare admining something if there are people with 
root/admin access who are not on the same page and do things differently.

So, in summary, I do not think that the current volunteer group has much 
of a problem at all working together.  In fact, I can think of NONE of 
the *volunteers* whom I don't get along well with or of whom I do not 
think rather highly.


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