[svlug] [SVLUG-Officers] [volunteers] Fwd: mail problems?

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 19:19:08 PST 2008

On Jan 22, 2008 5:18 PM, Marc MERLIN <marc_news at merlins.org> wrote:
> > > Since I can't post to the other lists, I guess we'll have to use the main list.
> > Marc, you're most probably not subscribed to the list you're trying to post to.
> Right, volunteers that can't be readily contacted. Good way to run things.

It works well enough.  Moderated posts to the volunteers list hit
within a day or so of being sent.  And that keeps the crap out.

> > And since you're paying NOTHING to get SVLUG up to the next level
> > of server capability, you can certainly wait 'till it's working - on
> Paul, I like how you qualify ">$1000 of hardware I gave svlug as"

You donated some hardware to SVLUG - we're extremely appreciative of that.

I never assumed that donation meant I and the volunteer team had to
run things to your satisfaction, though, as a result; had you spoken
of those "strings" you're now attaching to the donation, I'd have not
helped you clear out that back room full of hardware; I'd have said,
"Thanks, but no thanks".  I don't do deals with strings attached.

> About the said hardware, I didn't really expect but at least a bit more than
> none of which is used for anything that's live 15 months later.

Again, if you were giving it with specific expectations of timeframes,
we should have never taken the equipment.  I won't place time limits
on my volunteers efforts; they can, and will, take their time with
things, and even procrastinate;  I'll not chastise them for that, and
I'd appreciate it if you didn't chastise me for the same thing.

> However, you never even bothering to replying to several Emails of mine
> when my own personal server died of hardware failure and I asked if I could
> have a piece of that unused hardware back, in order to rebuild/fix my own
> machine, is a lot less that I could ever have expected of you.
> Even if you apologize in public now, honestly, or just for show, it
> changes nothing.

I shan't apologize; I was in Brazil, offline, with spotty, limited,
excruciatingly slow access to the internet.   I attempted to hand off
server admin responsibilities to Mr. Moen, but he refused them except
if he could attach strings to that.  So, there was no admin while I
was gone, and no decision making capability for SVLUG.    The
membership brought this upon you when they failed to elect a VP, or
even allow me to appoint one.  A VP could have made that decision in
my absense.

> I can now see that if you treat your other volunteers that way, they aren't
> exactly willing to work with you anymore.

Mark, I wasn't aware you were one of my volunteers.

> (and for the claims that most of the said hardware wasn't working, they were
> debunked. Only one server was known to require some hardware help before
> being functional, and still had a perfectly good case, power supply, memory,
> drives and so forth)

I've still got this wonderful terminal concentrator and a half-dozen
external SCSI cases which no-one's expressed ANY interest in at
various SVLUG events.  (and, SVLUGgers - if you express interest NOW,
you get to come to ME, not the other way around, if you want the

> I wasn't even going to bring this up out of some respect for you, but you
> just made me with your comment.

Hey, that's cool - no problem.  Marc, you and I have had great
relations in the past; I see no reason why that can't continue.
You've simply got to realize, though, that I'm running SVLUG
differently than you did; my goal is NOT to do things as past
presidents have; my goal is to do things differently, to shake things
up a bit, and to help SVLUG to grow and evolve into something greater
and more capable than it has been recently.

Best regards,

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