[svlug] Vote of no confidence in the current administration

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 16:08:30 PST 2008

Greetings, Marc!

First, please don't have a cow.  I don't know where you got the idea
that SVLUG's lists have been "closed down" - by me - that's simply
untrue.  It's possible some volunteer did change something, so read
on, and please, by all means, send me a side-email with the email
address you used and which list you couldn't post on, and I'll assess
why that happened to you.

> Ok, I first sent this to private lists not to stir things up in public,

SVLUG's lists have been down... Big deal!

> I'm just very saddened by the current state of SVLUG.
> Mail's been down and spooling for about 2 weeks now, and nothing was done.

How much are you and others PAYING to get this mail service to work
for you 24/7?
ZERO.  So, you get to wait 'till I/we get things working if/when they
break.  So be it;
quit complaining unless you're a paying customer of SVLUG.

> Some people seemed to have known but had no access, or no willingness to fix
> one more thing that someone else keeps breaking.

If those volunteers would have worked hand-in-hand with the
volunteers (who are, in fact, totally willing to work with them!)
there would have been no problems.

Note that I'm nowhere in the above equation; this is a failure of
existing volunteers
to work with each other, and it got worse while I was on vacation in
Brazil.  As I expected.

By the way... when my VP resigned for personal reasons, and I tried to
appoint another one, I was told (by people with ZERO authority to tell
anyone anything about SVLUG) that I couldn't do that; that I had to
wait until the group could elect another VP.  Well... That's a
crock... I've waited; two general meetings have come and gone, sans

So, now I have to... what, wait until the February meeting to get a
VP?   Who needs THAT grief?!?!?  SVLUG's veteran volunteer's ascerbic
wit repelled a most willing and capable candidate for the office,
leaving only one contender...  SO WHY CAN'T I JUST APPOINT HIM, AND
LET US MOVE ON?  This sort of bureaucratic nonsense astounds me!

> I think some people have been patient, have tried to work or help until they
> got fed up or turned away by the problems, and the end result is that the
> svlug server has been mis-managed to a point that Paul is now saying svlug
> should just move to google groups.

You've totally misunderstood my words regarding the sv_lug google group.
It's for OUT OF BAND COMMUNICATIONS for when the server(s) are DOWN.
That simple.

> WTF? For those who don't know me, I've been officer, VP, and president of
> svlug for 7 years in the past, and I work at google, but hearing that
> svlug's current leadership cannot even run a web site and a mailing list
> reliably (which BTW were working fine before they were tinkered with), and
> wants to offload this to managed hosting, is just pathetic.

Marc, YOU personally set the machine in question up, so I'm sure
you're proud of it...
but indeed, it's having some problems;  Others and myself have been
unable to diagnose
exactly what's going wrong with it.  If you wish to lend your
experience, please do.  Otherwise,
please don't dis the volunteer team who are handling things; rather,
please help us get more
volunteers on board in CONSTRUCTIVE ways instead.

Again, I'm NOT a proponent of moving SVLUG's lists over to google
groups; I've said so
publically before, and I'll say it again - I'm NOT recommending or
pushing for that!!!  I gave
an SVLUG volunteer significant grief for publically stating a similar
thing some time ago, so
I'd think it's pretty clearly evident that this is NOT my goal!!!

> While I have given enough of my time in the past, I have no desire to
> re-run, but I'd like to call a vote of no confidence in the hope that there
> are at least a couple of (ex-)volunteers who are willing to become the new
> leadership, and have the means to run a linux machine and do whatever else
> is necessary to run at least the bare minimums to allow this group to run
> (back in the days, we've run it with as little one linux admin, one web
> person, and one person to find speakers. More is better, but 3 is enough)

I'm right in the middle of making improvements, and you're asking me
to step down?

No way, Jose.  My term's up in August or so of 2008 - and I'll be running again,
with reasonable hopes of re-election.  I've been FIXING the very broken parts
of SVLUG, sir, not destroying it; your implication to the contrary is
both false and
an indication of how very little involvement you've recently had with SVLUG.

> I'm also very concerned that the current state of affairs is putting strain
> on the good will that Joe at via.net is giving svlug by offering free
> hosting (see mail below).

Are you imagining this, or did Joe say something to you personally?  If not,
please don't jump to conclusions about what he's willing to do or not do for
SVLUG, since you probably have little idea of what I and some others have
been doing over at Via.net.  Restated, I believe your concern to be unwarranted.

> Below is the last mail/problem that tipped it over for me.
> (mail that got rejected, silently on at least one of those lists)

Please elaborate in a side-email which lists rejected your post.  I'll look at
your email address, and the settings on the list, and let you know why.
Most probably you're simply unaware of the current settings somewhere.

Best regards,
-Paul Reiber,
President, SVLUG

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