[svlug] Upcoming - January 17 2008 BayLISA meeting

Jennifer sigje at sigje.org
Thu Jan 10 17:15:37 PST 2008

Date: Thursday, January 17, 7pm
Location: Yahoo Inc
Address: 700 First Avenue Bldg E Classroom 9

Real-Time Linux - Sven Dietrich
The session examines the emergence of response-time criteria for task
preemption and interrupt latency in the Linux Kernel. Several historical
models for achieving real-time performance in Linux are acknowledged.
The core presentation provides an in-depth analysis of the architecture
of the Linux 2.6 RT (SLERT) Kernel, the core subsystem modifications
introduced by the Real-Time Linux community project, and an overview of
the relationship of SMP and Real-Time in the Linux Kernel. The session
concludes with a brief commercial for part 2: Intricacies of SMP and
Real-Time in Suse Linux Enterprise, and Q/A.

Writing the resume to get THE job - short presentation


February: Wikis
March: Virtualization

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