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Wed Jan 16 01:20:04 PST 2008

Greetings, SVLUG!

Happy  New Year 2008 and all that.  "boot-up sequence" seems to
summarize what's been going on in my world recently.   Virtual hosts,
real hosts, unreal hosts... it's all the same... but it's also all

Brazil was a blast - best vacation I've ever had.  I feel 20 years
younger.  I've even gone out jogging a few times this past week.  For

It turns out my mouth was killing me... literally.    I had these
metal fillings (can you say, "heavy" metal?) in the back of my mouth,
and under them, "invisibly", were these big bad-ass infected cavities.

I'd _gotten_ x-rays taken... more than a few places, i.e. more than a
few dentists had seen my teeth in recent years... but no one saw what
my new dentist saw, (God bless her heart, I'll be her customer/patient
forever, even with the flight to Sao Paulo!) Evidently, "dentin" and
"cavity" can look the same on X-rays... you need something better than
that... she saw what others missed, I guess.

Her sixth sense told her there was a problem with two teeth that
looked totally healthy, even on the X-rays.   And she was right.
Combined with the fact that she can sculpt new teeth and rework old
ones like Leonardo da Vinci and the end result is... I HAVE A NEW

Yup... I have a new mouth!  (odd words to say; fun to repeat...)

My new mouth has one solid bite, no bruxism, no infections, no more
steely-taste in my mouth, and I've been sleeping more soundly these
past few weeks than I have in over 30 years. I guess I kind of
attributed my fitful sleeping to old age, so I wasn't so concerned as
to try to treat that as "illness"...   but, believe me, before I went
to Brazil, I'd not have been able to jog fast, for six minutes
straight, much less for six hours more or less straight... that said,
the other day, I jogged for more like eight hours BEFORE I started
getting winded enough to start  finding my way back to the Santo Andre
street where my Mother-in-law lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I apologize for being an asshole recently to some people... I look
back on some of my recent SVLUG-related behaviour and think, "What the
hell was I thinking?"   So, I apologize to all involved.  Sincerely.
...sob... ...choke... ...shoulder... ...hugs.

What else... the OLPC kidtops!  They ROCK!  The kids are going bonkers
with these things.  They figure them out WAY quicker than adults...
it's uncanny to watch.

I saw a 4-year-old change an event handler from "always-on" to
"on-mouse-still"  and then see for themselves what the difference was,
and learn from it... THAT was SO COOL to see for an old Smalltalk
hacker like me... Etoys!  It's some version of Gnu Smalltalk, with
lots of Squeak, from the looks of things, and it's just TOO cool to
watch kids learn Smalltalk and smile just like I did when I first
learned it.

Also -  Joe, I hope you don't mind, I'd like to borrow your words for
the SVLUG kernel-walkthru-group wiki-space on wikiversity.org   I'm
thinking it'd be fun to explore the differences between how LILO and
Grib boot kernels.  We'll be borrowing your words a bit in that

I'm still plowing through emails so if anyone's got anything urgent I
should know or do, please RESEND so you'll get on the front of my
email pile.  it's that bad... 3 weeks sans net yielded some 4,830
unread messages upon my return.  Ouch.

So... if anyone wants the name and address and phone # of my Brazilian
dentist, just ask... she rocks... and if you wanna go down there in a
group and give away a bunch of OLPCs to the kids, likewise, let me
know... and I'll try'n do my best and put something together.

Best regards and happy holidays!

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Hey Karl, welcome to Ubuntu!

If you are using GRUB as your bootloader (it should say at the top of
a black screen during the boot-up process) you'll want to edit the
file /boot/grub/menu.lst

A good primer would be located here:
and the GNU GRUB manual is located here:

Hopefully that helps, if not, please let us know! :)
Joe Smith

On Jan 15, 2008 4:32 PM, Karl Chester <karlchester at comcast.net> wrote:
> I'm a newbie who would like to know how to edit the boot-up screen (WIN
> XP) so as to change the OS sequence. Thanks...
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