[svlug] Samba: Files over 4GB invisible on win XP?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Thu Jan 3 04:53:58 PST 2008

   it seems that files over 4GB (sizes: 4695999668 bytes and 7044892368 
bytes) are not visible on a disk mounted on win XP from a linux machine 
using samba.

   don't see anything that could hint there's a problem in samba logs 
and can't figure out any diagnostics on win xp side (the files are 
simply not there)

   the big files are visible when using smbclient from the linux box and 
they are also visible when mounted from linux box (sudo mount -t cifs -o 
"user=xxx,password=xxx" //jojda/data /mnt)

   searched for samba file size limit but found nothing relevant, seems 
there used to be some limits but they are all gone, they manifested 
themselves by errors during accsing the file though (which is quite 
different from what I see).

   linux side:

   debian unstable
   kernel 2.6.18
   samba 3.0.28-1

   win xp side: all updates provided by MS installed

   any ideas?



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