[svlug] Bickering

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 15:11:27 PST 2008

Rick wrote:
> His two predecessors didn't suddenly leave us high and dry in the same
> fashion.  I just note the contrast, and make no further comment.

I'm writing from BR - gotta be quick; dialup blows.

WT was _not_ an SVLUG sponsor; Google was, and still is; specifically,
Leslie Hawthorn's group within Google is SVLUGs sponsor.

Warren was kind enough to help her group out, and we all know how well
he was received as he tried to help out.

I'm hopeful Leslie will be able to come up with another Google
employee to help with the installfests.  If not, we can certainly host
them elsewhere, if need be.

For the kernel walkthru sessions, likewise, I'm hopeful they'll be
able to find another Google employee to attend those as the
"representative".  Worst case, maybe the videographer can be our
point-man for those.


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