[svlug] k3b, to erase or not to erase

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Tue Apr 29 22:10:20 PDT 2008

Akkana Peck wrote:
> Mark Weisler writes:
>> What happened then? Well the write went pretty well and maybe the verify but 
>> eventually K3B spit out the CD and said there was an error on writing (I 
>> believe the last tract or sector or something). But K3B has trained me to be 
>> skeptical of its comments and warnings so I used K3B to take the MD5 sum of 
>> the newly created CD. The MD5 sum matched what the iso vendor said it was 
>> supposed to be suggesting to me that the CD was correct and healthy.
> Interesting -- I just recently had a similar experience. I was using
> the k3b on Ubuntu gutsy to burn a hardy beta ISO, and I checked the
> box to verify after burning.  The burn finished, k3b ejected the CD
> then loaded it again, and spewed a bunch of errors, repeated many
> times, mostly "/dev/hdd: READ 10 failed!" and "Failed to init HAL
> context!" and the verify failed. But md5sum from the commandline
> gave a sum that matched the one listed on the website.
> I put it down to k3b having a new dependency on hal (which I don't
> run) and decided it was time to switch to another burner app. But
> maybe it had nothing to do with hal, and k3b just has a bug in
> its verify code.
>> [1] In learning to use K3B I made many coasters by allowing K3B to use its 
>> default settings. K3B would happily make a CD and report it was OK but then 
> [ ... ]
>> The conclusion for me is that when using K3B I use DAO as a writing method and 
>> the slowest speed possible.
> I've found that all gui burning apps, not just k3b, are overly
> optimistic about the speeds they can burn; if I accept the default
> speed, I burn a lot of coasters, so I always bump the burning speed
> way down, and then I have much better luck. I've seen that over a
> sequence of three or four different burners, both CD and DVD/CD.
> 	...Akkana
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Speaking of GUI burning apps, I've had fairly good luck with Brasero.
I've coaster'd maybe two CD-Rs out of a stack of 100. The CD-Rs were
cheap Office Depot ones, so I can't be sure if the blame lies with
Brasero and not the cheap CD-Rs.


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