[svlug] BayLISA meeting, July 17, 2008

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Thu Apr 17 19:42:47 PDT 2008


We are organizing a "What makes a good Sysadmin" type presentation for the 
BayLISA July meeting to be held July 17, 2008.  If you have some 
suggestions, or if you feel like you have something to contribute about 
what it takes to be a good sysadmin, please contact me off the list at 
sigje at sigje.org.

One of the focuses will be taking some very specific problems, and walking 
through steps to debugging what is really going on.  It will also include 
some of the soft skills that are important.

This will be geared to two sets of people.. beginner types that are 
interested in system administration as a career and medium to expert types 
that want to kick their system skills up a notch.

I'd especially love to get some folks involved that have solved 
interesting problems (Whether that's large scale with lots of systems, or 
managing to provide services to large amounts of people with small amounts 
of resources).


Jennifer Davis

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