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Raj Shekhar rajlist at rajshekhar.net
Tue Apr 8 12:08:09 PDT 2008

in infinite wisdom Deepan spoke thus  On 04/06/2008 01:46 PM:
> Hi All,
> Can someone suggest me application to browse and
> send messages to Usenet? Also it would be great if
> you can recommond some free quality usenet
> servers. 

knode.  I used pan, but I found knode more to my taste.  If you use 
emacs, then check out wanderlust or gnus.

Free, fast and good nntp server .. luckily you can find all three if you 
look hard enough  :-) < http://motzarella.org/> .  There is a usenet 
group for discussing this too 

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