[svlug] BytesFree.org Call for Participation

John Mark Walker johnmark at johnmark.org
Mon Apr 7 23:17:48 PDT 2008


We at BytesFree.org are putting out a call for participation and wanted
to share with LUG's and other Free Software-friendly groups what we are 
up to and why we need your help. We are currently in the process of, but 
have not yet completed, incorporating as a non-profit in California. 

If you're going to Lug Radio Live this weekend, we hope to see you in
our booth: http://lugradio.org/live/USA2008/

Our Mission

BytesFree.org is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to the
protection of information rights - the right to access information we
own. Some of us you may already know - myself, Ilan Rabinovitch from
SCALE, Deb Bryant from GOSCON, Josh Berkus from PostgreSQL, Sun and SPI,
Josh Drake from PostgreSQL and SPI, and David Fetter, also from PostgreSQL,
as well as a few others. As far as what we do, here's our mission statement:

    BytesFree.org is dedicated to the idea that all people should have full
and unrestricted access to all information to which they are legally or
morally entitled. BytesFree.org works to ensure that public data is
available to all, unburdened by restrictive access methods, non-standard
file formats, unreasonable fees, unnecessary bureaucratic delays, or
unpalatable legal requirements.

But wait, don't we already have that?

No, actually, and this exacts a societal toll that goes largely unnoticed.
For further reading, see the following pages:

 - BytesFree.org About page

 - BytesFree.org Position Paper

Lug Radio Live

Our first event will be Lug Radio Live this Saturday and Sunday at the
Metreon in San Francisco. If you are willing, we could use your help in
the booth handing out flyers and talking to people about why these
issues are important.

If you're really super special, you'll volunteer to dress up as the
statue of liberty. I myself am going as Uncle Sam, and my
partner-in-crime, Ilan, is going as Abe Lincoln. 

If interested send me an email, or sign up on this page:

If you can't volunteer, we hope you'll still visit. We look forward to 
meeting you there!

Support BytesFree.org

As of now, there are a couple of ways to get involved with BytesFree.org. 
Please consider joining the bytesfree-discuss mailing list:

You may also subscribe to our blog feed:

This weekend we will announce a voter information project, which will
contain information on members of congress with respect to their voting
records, funding sources, and more, as it pertains to copyright reform,
patent reform, net neutrality, and anything else we categorize as 
information rights. Ilan has been doing some great work there with a 
DekiWiki install, blending a myriad of information.

If you know of any congressional or state legislature bills that we
should obtain voting records for, please tell us. If you know of public
stances taken by political candidates or officeholders, we want to know
that, too. Basically, we need any information that will help voters
determine whether someone is a friend of information rights. This project 
will only be as valuable as the information that others provide. 

If you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to
contact me directly or post to the mailing list.

John Mark
Founder, BytesFree.org

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