[svlug] Monitor calibration, photo processing - orthogonal approach from the old days

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I made CibaChrome prints from slides at home in the 70's.  The problem was
to calibrate the exposure and filters so that the print looked like the
slide (sound familiar?).  The rule of thumb solution was to put a Kodak 18%
grey card in an initial exposure(s) for a shoot assuming the following
exposures had the same lighting.  See more detailed instructions at

Test prints are made and the grey area is compared to an 18% grey card.
Once they match, the colors are (generally) correct!  Your  mileage may vary
if the reflectivity of your subject, say snow in sunlight, is very different
from 18% grey.

I know that it seems counter-intuitive that grey is used to calibrate color
but it works.

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 12:33 PM, Florin Andrei <florin at andrei.myip.org>

> Larry Colen wrote:
> > I finally got a few minutes to try to calibrate the gamma on my
> > monitors. I found a program called Monica that seems to do what I
> > need, via some links John Conover sent (thanks John).
> >
> > The page for monica is at:
> > http://www.pcbypaul.com/software/monica.html
> Assuming I use it to calibrate the monitor, how would the results
> compare with what I obtain by using the gamma correction wizard provided
> with the NVidia drivers on Windows? (Display Optimization Wizard /
> Optimize Gamma / drag the RGB sliders)
> It seems like Monica and the NVidia wizard work almost exactly the same.
> In the past, I tried to obtain the answer to a simple question, but
> nobody seems to know how to do it:
> Let's say I've a dual boot machine and on Windows I use the NVidia
> wizard to configure the monitor. Then, how do I transfer the individual
> RGB gamma settings to Linux? (assuming I'm using the NVidia drivers on
> both Windows and Linux)
> This is due to the lack of a wizard in the NVidia Linux drivers, which
> is almost acceptable if I could use the wizard on Windows then just
> transfer the settings to Linux manually.
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