[svlug] Fedora started locking my screen

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sun Sep 30 11:13:06 PDT 2007

Larry Colen writes:
> # It occurs to me that there might be some "power saving fu" that is
> # happening, which is set up someplace other than the screen saver.
> Interesting. I set up the clock screen saver, but when I came back to
> a locked screen, it was a blank screen with the unlock widget, not the
> clock.

Looks like you found the culprit that was locking your screen, but
in case you want more background: indeed, screen blanking is handled
separately from screensavers, and there are several different levels
of screen blanking. man xset will get you started, but there's a
level below that involving a program called vbetool.  I wrote up a
bit about it (for the X level and lower, nothing about gnome or kde):

Though if the "unlock widget" is something displayed visibly on the
monitor, that sounds more like a separate screensaver than a power
saving monitor blanking state.

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