[svlug] OLPC XO available to public - USB details

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 10:38:50 PDT 2007

 John asked:
> Is there a USB hole for attaching a memory gadget?

Yes, there are 3 USB slots and also a somewhat-hidden memory card slot as well.

Adding/using a standard variety USB keyboard is a must for adult
touch-typists - two-finger-hunt-n-peck is the best I can do without

There's no wired networking connection on the unit I have... the
wireless networking is pretty state-of-the-art but an ethernet jack
would still be handy as all heck from time to time.

I'll be bringing the unit to various (hopefully all) SVLUG events in
the near future, so feel free to spend a little time with the unit
when I do.  It's fun.

Best regards and happy hacking,

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