[svlug] USB flashdrive tutorial

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Tue Sep 25 01:25:46 PDT 2007

On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 12:51:27AM -0700, John Conover wrote:
# Larry Colen writes:
# > But I'm still not getting it to recognize /dev/sd* as a block
# > device. All of the documentation I've found has been on the level of
# > the steps that the user takes to get the usb mounted. I think that
# > what I need is a good tutorial on what is happening on the computer
# > through the process of the usb system finding the usb device (which
# > seems to be working) and it seeing it as a SCSI drive, which then gets
# > mounted. Even if all I learn is where to sprinkle the printks so that
# > I can see where things stop happening.
# >
# Hi Larry.
# I assume you are running a 2.4 kernel, (Re: /proc/...,) and it should
# be mounted auto'magically, without doing anything.

It's a 2.6 kernel. And the system is "homebrew" rather than a standard
distribution. As such it doesn't have all the automagic to mount
things. I need to learn how the automagic works, so that I can do it

#            John
# BTW, MG's OK?      

Now that I've finally pretty much rebuilt the garage, I have a place
to rebuild the motor. A couple things when wrong with the
supercharging project (a temperature guage that only went up to "N"
because it got crimped, along with a water leak), and I ended up
cracking the head and busting a ring. To shorten an epic tale, I now
have pretty much all the parts to put the motor back together
again. Between the aluminum head, backing plate, flywheel and the
modern starter, I'm knocking about 50lbs of static weight off the
motor. That's good for about 0.5 seconds a lap. With the old head, I
bumped the power from about 65 to the wheels to nearly 100, so when I
can finally put her back together again, I may see over 100 at the
ground, which is a lot of fun in an MG.

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