[svlug] local demand for linux talent increasing

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Sep 20 17:56:09 PDT 2007

Quoting Bill Kendrick (nbs at sonic.net):

> I tend to agree.  I had to do a lot of catch up recently to post numerous
> jobs to LUGOD's jobs page and/or jobs mailing list.  (I've also been passing
> along stuff I see on SF-LUG, SacLUG and SVLUG to LUGOD's jobs list, since
> bay area stuff is not particularly off-topic.)

Jobs-offered postings are also appropriate for SVLUG's "Jobs" mailing
list (http://lists.svlug.org/lists/listinfo/jobs).  In fact, we prefer 
that they be posted there (not here), because that's what "Jobs" is for.

Details are at the above URL.  Primarily, jobs offered must be Unix- or
Linux-centric, and fulltime positions must be within 75 miles of San

It's a zero-noise list:  If it were a radio station, the slogan would 
be "All job postings, all the time,"  ;->

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