[svlug] with heavy heart, and a sigh - take II [in defence of Rick, non-Linux]

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 16:00:59 PDT 2007

A word or two in Rick Moen's defence.

I've been a subscriber to SVLUG since 2000, mostly passive: I merely
read the posts when they seem interesting and have never participated
in SVLUG's physical, `real world' existence as a volunteer group in
the bay area, even when I lived there for five years from 2000 to

I remember the last time Rick stopped posting to the list after a
fight that began with his chiding some newbie question. I wasn't in
agreement with his harsh attitude, but was glad when he recommenced
active participation a few years later.

I am glad Rick Moen posts to SVLUG. His posts are always worth
reading. Whether one agrees with his point of view or not, as might
often be the case when the discussion has to do with the LUG's
ex-internet existence and the personalities. I think he manages to put
his ideas across cogently and lucidly, and mostly without losing his
temper. So even if he might be in the wrong, he seems to me to come
off  better than his scrapping mates, simply because his posts are
more urbane.

On the technical front, as far as my limited knowledge permits me to
judge, he seems well-versed, and his posts add to the discussion, and
I have certainly found them useful. He might be a tad opinionated, but
it goes with the turf...

Doubtless those who lament his long, closely reasoned posts on
`political matters' might wish he'd just go away. But what do you
expect him to do? If he feels that his views have been misrepresented
to the very community he seeks to serve with the best of his ability
(or so it would seem), would it be so very unreasonable of him to post
in his own defence?

I guess this post, and all posts that have to do with the `real' life
of the LUG aren't terribly interesting to those of us who are only
interested in the LUG as a linux discussions group. I can see why some
group with 3000+ members but no existence ex-internet might not have
such problems. Groups that do deal either directly or indirectly with
`real' life seem to evoke all sorts of inflammatory posts [if you want
a headache spend some time on soc.culture.indian]---I wonder why.

Apologies for the long post, but I do think Rick's a good resource,
and I also wish that the list will return to technical discussions.
Reality, is, after all, just one simulation trace.


Sanatan Rai
111 Carraway Apartments,
2 Cayenne Court,
London SE1 2PP

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