[svlug] with heavy heart, and a sigh - take II

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Sep 16 22:06:53 PDT 2007

Quoting Heather Stern (star at starshine.org):

[some very odd views that I don't endorse]

I'm not going to stop Heather from posting stuff like that -- this is not a
repressive forum -- but I can't see much connection to Linux or SVLUG.

> ...which the active Coordinator for the year supported.

1.  Actually, Duncan didn't even know about it.  He was informed after
the fact.

2.  Ian's explicit backroom reason for his summarily banning me from
Sbay's linuxpicnic mailing list, to which I'd barely ever posted at all,
and posted to most recently nine months before, was my telling people in
public (here) the _exact same thing_ that then-president Kluft _himself_
had also been telling people in public, i.e, that Sbay had removed the
LUGs from management of their picnic.

Here's the IRC session where this occurred (the posters being Ian
and Heather):

  <ko6yq-lt> Hmmm... I hear Rick M has accused me on the SVLUG list of
  kicking out all the Linux groups from the picnic.  As part of the effort
  to rescue the picnic from the demoralization he caused last year, I'm
  going to ban him from the picnic mail list.
  <starshine> ignore him. people are getting very annoyed with his noise, 
  let them spend all the annoyance his way.

(Heather was not told that he was _also_ banning me from the announce
list, which made, if possible, even less sense.)

Despite all this post-hoc justification about committees, votes, etc.,
the above's the straight story.

3.  When I discovered the bannings and asked who'd done them and why,
Heather told me several clumsy and mutually contradictory untruths, untruths
that did not make even the slightest sense -- and briefly mislead me
into thinking _she_ had carried out the bannings (despite her evident
surprise when informed about "announce").  But I later got to the bottom
of it, anyway.

> He was no longer himself.

Well, whoever I am, as I happened, Jim D. asked me during picnic setup
to help out by getting some of the barbecues going -- so I did.  ;->

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