[svlug] with heavy heart, and a sigh - take II

Joe Buck Joe.Buck at synopsys.COM
Sun Sep 16 20:06:33 PDT 2007

On Sun, Sep 16, 2007 at 07:31:19PM -0700, William Teeple wrote:
> HOWEVER - if anyone in the group (besides me) is tired of these  
> attacks and lack of discussions of LINUX then I urge you all to show  
> your support for ending these flame wars and reply to the list to  
> show your support.

Please, let's not have a lot of replies to the list.  Although I
sympathize with Bill's position (I am appalled at the nastiness, much of
it coming from people I've long respected), several hundred messages
attacking people for their conduct on this list will just make things

Anyone who really feels that they've been mistreated or needs to rail
against injustice, please make your argument on a blog somewhere.
Those who care will find it with Google (though some of you might want
to consider what people will find with Google next time you seek work
as a contractor or permanent employee).

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