[svlug] Google no likey OOXML, very pro ODF

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 19:40:59 PDT 2007


Of course, there are probably a lot of Googlers on this list, so many of you
might already have seen this Google blog.  Google supports ODF and
discourages OOXML as a so-called standard.  Microsoft, of course, thinks
that its proprietary file formats should be adopted by the global community
as an official standard in light of its monopoly on the desktop.

At any rate, the reason for my post today is to ask you folks to consider
digging a post by Zaheda Bhorat, someone who is a friend of mine in Google.
Full disclosure:  It's not as if Zaheda and I were childhood friends, or
anything like that, but I have known her since she was a Sun OOo marketing
lead in 2001.  Zaheda has written an extensive Google blog on the OOXML
vote.  As I mentioned, Zaheda was one of the early OOo marketing leads
inside Sun, and the success of OOo and ODF do owe a decent amount to
Zaheda's passion for both.  Zaheda's detailed and informative blog deserves
a place on the front page of Digg.  Please consider digging it.

Thanks either way!


Christian Einfeldt
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