[svlug] [K12OSN] FOSS music notation and editing software

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Sep 12 14:38:06 PDT 2007

Quoting Christian Einfeldt (einfeldt at gmail.com):

Your message headers had:

> From: Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com>
> To: "Support list for open source software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com>,
>         Sonja Gonzalez <sgonzalez at sau83.org>
> Cc: SFLUG Mailing List <sf-lug at linuxmafia.com>, svlug at lists.svlug.org

(I have replied to svlug at lists.svlug.org, alone.)

In other words, you crossposted across three mailing lists, plus one
individual who is probably unsubscribed to at least some of the three
mailing lists.

Cross-posting across mailing lists tends to draw followups to the same
crossposted set of mailing lists, which in turn creates a great deal of
needless and pointless work for multiple mailing list administrators,
because very often the followups will be from posters who are not,
unlike yourself, on all of the mailing lists -- leading to those posts
being held for moderator attention because of coming from non-subscribed 
addresses.  (In 2007, most public mailing lists hold for moderator
attention postings from non-subscribed addresses.)

As a listadmin (for SVLUG and several other LUGs and BSD groups), and on
behalf of listadmins everywhere, I would like to politely request that
you not needlessly make our lives more difficult.

Additionally, it has proven empirically to be often the case (though
probably not in the present case) that cross-posting across multiple
mailing lists leads directly to multi-list flamewars.  For that reason,
in addition to the matter of needless listadmin work, they are widely
considered obnoxious and listadmins tend to appreciate people avoiding
making such posts.

Thank you.

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