[svlug] FOSS music notation and editing software

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Sep 12 08:45:28 PDT 2007

Quoting Christian Einfeldt (einfeldt at gmail.com):

> Lots and lots of people use FOSS.

Fifty trillion cockroaches can't be wrong?  ;->

I said it was a dumb neologism, not that there weren't a bunch of people
who'd lately made the tactical error of adopting it.

> It's short, and it is a good compromise between the Free Software and
> the Open Source Software portions of the larger software libre
> community, don't you think?

No, I most certainly do not.  It sounds stupid and is obscure; it's a
deliberate resort to really bad marketing.  Again.

> Most English-speaking Windows newbies will be really, really confused by the
> phrase, "software libre," IMHO.


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