[svlug] Open Letter to California Media: You Suck

Cyrus Mack bytesfree at bytesfree.org
Wed Sep 5 21:56:30 PDT 2007

Being in a quixotian mood, I simply cannot bear another badly-researched article on 
information rights or other geek political subjects. While I'm no expert, perhaps I can 
at least add volume to the arguments - sort of the equivalent of shouting at the deaf 
when they can't read your lips. In any case, most treatments of California's open formats 
bill in the mainstream media were beyond atrocious, and I want to believe that it was a 
case of mere laziness, as opposed to outright shenanigans. 

Herewith is my rant about how the media treated the bill, AB 1668, introduced in February 
and tabled in June. I am sending this to every major newsdesk in the state, from where it 
will almost certainly be dumped forthright into the old "file 13". Nevertheless, it 
cannot be said that I did not try:


Please forward to whomever you see fit.

-Cyrus Mack

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