[svlug] [volunteers] More on the SVLUG Domain

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Tue Sep 4 20:19:53 PDT 2007

hi ya rick

> Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Alvin Oga (alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com):
> > admin mail for *.org goes to *.com
> > admin mail for *.com goes to *.net
> > admin mail for *.net goes to *.org
> > 
> > and 1 machine for *.com,  1 machine for *.net and 1 machine for *.org
> That's the most pointlessly overengineered thing I've seen mentioned for
> many months -- and I've been looking at Java stuff, so that's really
> saying something.

of course its pointless to you, since its contrary to what you want
for your own reasons... further, because you are the
cause of the above problems that svlug.org domains is
still not configured properly

the svlug community has voted, Feb 2006, to own its own domain,
and yet certain folks, you rick, is preventing its implementation

svlug.org should be owned, registered to the svlug.org group
and not individuals

- yes i posted to the world, because the world deserves to know
  what is being done to implement its vote that svlug.org is
  owned by the community ... and not certain folks ( sbay )

c ya

> > using outside services would be pointless as the probelm
> > can be with svlug.org oor the outside servers over which
> > you have zero control to implement or fix
> That is of course non-sequitur, and shows yet again that you simply
> don't understand the problem.  It's not at all surprising that your
> solutions don't make sense, if you're addressing the wrong problem.

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