[svlug] Announcement: VP transition - bad attitude

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 23:35:32 PST 2007

Lisa wrote:
> No offense intended to anyone, but I'd say that anyone can offer
> to run and it's up to the membership to decide, from among
> those, who they want.  Clearly they SHOULD take compatability
> into account along with whatever other factors they choose to
> include in their decision.
> But, given that it's a *elected* position, and that this is a
> membership organization, I don't think that anything matters
> more than "the will of the members," whatever that may be.  It's
> THEIR organization.
> And, yes, I think Paul should be able to speak out on whom he
> thinks he can get along with and whom he can't if he so chooses.
> Lisa
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Lisa, thank you for saying things so clearly and concisely.  Your
eloquence of expression has prompted me to reply in kind.

I urge you investigate the accepted practices of MANY LUGS, clubs, and
associations around the planet; I'm certain you'll find numerous
organizations that consider the interim appointment of elected
officials as acceptable (or even expected!) practice.

That said, I have no intention of challenging anyone's contention that
both SVLUG officer positions are elected positions.  Yes, by all
means, at its earliest convienence, the SVLUG community should decide
who it would like to elect as its new VP.

In the interim, I've decided to count on Warren as my right-hand-man.
 It appears you all don't want him to have "officer" status
until/unless he's elected... I guess I'm OK with that.  However, I
highly recommend that someone take me up on my request in my second
paragraph above - and after that, I'd urge that person to bring their
findings to the community, such that future SVLUG Presidents might be
given just a bit more latitude than I'm currently being given.

I'll ask Warren to ensure he doesn't take any actions that would
require officer status without clearing them with me first.

-> As of today, SVLUG's latest YouTube video just topped 12,000 hits.
-> We've tripled the number of monthly events compared to just a few
months ago.
-> We're visiting high schools and universities, helping teams of
students with projects.
-> We're exploring the kernel with the whole world watching.
-> We're providing computers and computing expertise to the needy.
-> We're rolling out a really cool MoinMoin that everyone will be able
to play with
-> We're working out the details for a virtualization infrastructure
to carry us forward
-> and on TOP of all that, we're still doing all the stuff that SVLUG
has traditionally been doing for years, like the monthly meetings and

I need _HELP_ with all of that - not people telling me I should clear
it with the membership before deciding whether SVLUG can grow and
change and blossom or not.

-Paul, hopefully still President of, SVLUG.

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