[svlug] Announcement: VP transition - resolved

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri Nov 30 21:00:14 PST 2007

hi ya paul

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> On Nov 30, 2007 5:59 PM, Alvin Oga <alvin at mail.linux-consulting.com> wrote:
> > hi ya paul
> > sounds like its resolved than
> So long as you're personally happy with things, Alvin.

its not about "me" ... its about electing the replacement VP

> [...]
> > good .. so than it is settled ... the svlug community will
> > vote for the VP either on Dec 5 or vote on jan 2 meeting
> > depending on if there are others that want to run for the job
> Those dates seem fine on the surface.

> > as was mentioned by others, if you want to run for VP,
> > please speak up ... if you're still reading this thread,
> > personally, paul, you should post a new RFC in a new thread
> > to solicit other wanna be VPs
> "should".  I just LOVE that word.  Alvin- feel free to do it yourself,
> if you think it's important.

consider it done ... i'll post separately just to help you out

> I've already spent a boatload of effort on finding a good VP to
> replace Mark... so anything
> else is up to someone else.
i suspect nobody would run against warren, but, for politeness,
one should be allowed to run if they so choose

> > > the "right way" for SVLUG to proceed is somewhat up in the air right now
> > its not up in the air or not defined ..
> Thanks for clearing that up for me!

> > its always been done a particular way and documented as such,
> So we can't change how we do things here in SVLUG, since they've
> always been done some particular way?
process, proceedures, protocols, people, rights, responsibilities
action items, history, the old way, the new way, etc are 
in place for a reason

> > except one of the major rules have been compromised in that
> > documents and archives seems to be missing making it harder
> > tofind these "voting" policies and proceedures and length
> > of terms of the isanity
> This is the second time AFAIK that you've mentioned something about
> some files being missing on the server - I didn't approve any removals,
> but there were some reorganizations and such.
okay .. but the files are still missing per previous posts of 
the url ...

> I have 4 URLs you provided earlier - please provide any others that
> you're 100% positive used to work and I'll see if I can't hunt the documents
> down on the server.  They may have been archived or moved.

if its moved or archived, please provide links to them new location

i posted the date/time of ricks email in 2006 of all the proposed
old and new html pages and links .. say about a hundreds files, not 
just 4 missing ones

c ya

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