[svlug] Announcement: VP transition - bad attitude

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 19:19:34 PST 2007

Hiya, Christian!  Thanks for your comments - good stuff, and no taking
pot shots
at anyone either!  Exemplary posting!

> For example, maybe there are other people who would like to run for VP.  But
> maybe not.  So if we hold the process open for a period of time, and no one
> responds after some kind of formal announcement and notice that an election
> is being held, so speak up now or hold your peace throughout the duration of
> Warren's term, then that might make things smoother.

This is all well and good... but... shouldn't we be taking into account how the
individual people work with each other?  Warren's been working with me as the
"Google counterpart" to my installfest coordinator role for some time,
and he and I
work really really well together.  If the membership votes, for
example, Mr. Moen
into the VP position (though I seriously doubt he'd be interested, but
just as an example)
I doubt that as a team we'd be able to be very effective, since he and
I seem to lock
horns on things more often than not.

> This group does really good things, and that installfest is just one
> example.  That is why I subscribe to this list.

Thanks!  The new kernel walkthru sessions are another example; over
12,000 hits on
the first session's youtube video - woo hoo!

>  If an election will smooth things out, and there is no real rush to have a VP in place,
> then maybe it would be better to just go through an orderly process, including a formal
> announcement of an election, a call for candidates to submit their request
> to stand for the election, and then a period for them to answer any
> questions posed to them by the group, etc.

Regarding the "rush" - there is a little bit of one, as I mentioned
I'm not comfortable
being the only officer.  So I've appointed Warren as VP.  If the
membership wants
to consider that appointment "interim" that's OK with me... and if
they want to vote
on and ratify it, that's OK with me... and if they want an open vote
with the opportunity
for other candidates to run, that's OK with me too, so long as the
other candidates are
people who are similarly qualified and similarly willing to do
productive work with me.


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