[svlug] Define Policies and By-Laws

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 18:24:10 PST 2007

On Nov 30, 2007 4:03 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Paul Reiber (reiber at gmail.com):
> > I think LuGOD's docs are a great place to start.  I'm sure others
> > may have other good starting places to recommend, though - gang?
> Here's one suggestion - [...] Ostracism [...]

Wonderfully executed misappropriation of the thread, Rick!  Great job!
 You should be proud of this particular masterpiece of misdirection;
I'm sure it took some careful crafting.

Let's review.

You've done, IIRC, some mailman admin and some sysadmin for SVLUG's
ailing old server recently.

In contrast, I've worked tirelessly to help SVLUG limp into the 21st
century since elected.

Here are just some of the ways:
- dealing with lots of unfinished business of the previous administrations
- finding sponsors to replace the ones that had to stop sponsoring us
(digging into my own pocket during the gap)
- finding volunteers to replace the ones that had to stop helping us
(and juggling the balls myself during the gap)
- finding speakers with Ani and arranging special guest appearances at
installfests and such
- accomodating various volunteer's desires, even when it's of
questionable benefit to SVLUG
- trying to convince the volunteers to actually do some of the things
they've been saying they would do
- providing an "ear" for volunteers griping about other volunteers
- introducing new activities within SVLUG - the OLPC and Kernel
Walkthru efforts come immediately to mind

...and that's all just in my role of President!  I've helped SVLUG out
as a regular old volunteer (helping to build Brie, etc), and as the
installfest coordinator, as well.

-> I've _moderated_ only one volunteer in my entire administration.

-> I've _dismissed_ only one volunteer in my entire administration.

So... calm down, take your medicine, and realize - SVLUG'll do just
fine without your volunteer assistance, if that's the way you want
things - and SVLUG'll happily welcome you back, if that's the way you
want things.

However, I doubt the membership will embrace you if you're not adding
value and instead just fanning fires.

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